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Apple Baby chennai



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The Apple Baby 'Silicone Giraffe teether is ideal for sore and teething gums of all babies. It is designed in a stylish, colorful Giraffe shape to ensure babies get attracted to it. Made using food grade silica gel, these teethers are safe, non-toxic and baby chewing. It allows your baby to handle its teething process. It is recommended to be used in normal temperature. Giraffe Teether is designed to fit the contours of baby's oral cavity and gums it is an ideal Gift for every family having an infant or infants

How to use?

1.Always ensure babies are using teether under adult supervision

2.Wash baby's hands after it discards teether

3.Keep it in a clean and dry place.

4.Bright colored shaped baby teethers

5.Distilled & sterilized water based Teethers

6.Flexible soft silicone teether prevents injury while chewing

7.Helps in soothing discomfort during teething period

8.Relieves gum pain & provides oral stimulation

9.Made from food grade non-toxic material

10.Easy to grip & light weight design

11.Safe for regular use


Do not boil, steam or microwave

Do not freeze

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