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AC311_Bottle Brush

AC311_Bottle Brush

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1.Multipurpose - cleans all feeding accessories

2.Designed for long term use

3.Brush is made from thick and durable nylon bristles

4.Gently removes stains and germs from every corner and surface

5.Cleans all kinds of feeding bottles, bowls, sippers and dishes

6.Fully rounded can be manually rotated while cleaning

7.Handle has rounded lines for a better grip while cleaning inside

8.The small nipple cleaner  is for delicate accessories 

9.Small rounded hook at the base for hanging the brush

10.Soft bristles and bending spiral handle design thoroughly scrub bottles and accessories.

11.Spiral bristles do not fall off the handle design thoroughly scrub bottle and accessories

12.Combo of both bottle brush and Nipple brush for extra hygiene to reach even the smallest corner.

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