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Apple Baby chennai



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Brush & Comb makes It fun and easy to groom your baby's hair. The brush features soft nylon brittles to gently remove tangles. The comb has fine smooth teeth that comfortably glide through the baby's hair. To clean: The brush & comb set can be washed with mild soapy water or with baby's shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.           

1.Made from international quality, food-grade polypropylene plastic which is non-toxic, durable and completely safe for your baby
2.Stimulate and soothe: soothe and relax your baby while increasing circulation, and promoting a healthy head of hair.
3.Designed for a strong and easy grip and easy cleaning.
4.Soft rounded teeth edges of comb for smooth untangling of baby's fine hair without pulling and breakage, convenient: it's the perfect size for any baby bag and for travel when space is tight.

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